The hours following a sexual assault can feel full of humiliation and shame.

The survivor arrives at an emergency room or a women’s advocacy center to receive medical care, as well as a sexual assault nurse examination. This examination includes the collection of evidence for law enforcement if the survivor decides to seek justice against the attacker.

The clothes worn during the assault are considered part of this evidence.

Not only have they lost 'layers of dignity' through the assault, now they are losing the clothes off their back. 

When leaving, it is common for these survivors to be given paper clothing to wear.


Photo Credit: Story Photographers

Photo Credit: Story Photographers

Our Mission

We believe that sexual assault survivors deserve, not only clothing for leaving the hospital, but a picture of the hope and redemption that is possible.

Layers of Dignity does this by providing tote bags to emergency rooms and women's advocacy centers. These totes are to be given immediately after the evidence collection. Instead of leaving in paper clothing, sexual assault survivors will take those brave steps in brand-new clothes. They will be armed with resources and aware of the community that stands with them from a love note handwritten by a fellow survivor.

Survivors have a long road ahead of them.

Through Layers of Dignity, let's show them they're not alone.

We exist to provide the first step towards healing and restoration.

The Ugly Truth

Sexual assault is unfortunately a frequent occurrence.

Every 98 seconds someone in the U.S. experiences an assault. Most victims are young females who will likely experience effects of the assault for years.

Providing a tote and resources for emotional support is an immediate step towards healing.

1 in 6

women will experience a sexual assault or attempted assault in their lifetime.


of women will experience symptoms of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) during the two weeks after an assault.


of sexual assault victims are between the ages 18-34.

1 out of every 10

sexual assault survivors are male.

We plan to come alongside men as well as our financial support and donations grow.

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